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Cooling Tower Chemicals

WESCO Chemicals, Inc. offers a full line of proven proprietary chemical formulations. These formulas are created for use in boilers, cooling towers, and closed systems.

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Boiler Chemical Programs

We offer customized boiler chemical programs and most equipment accessories such as water softeners, chemical pumps, blow down systems, and much more.

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Plant Automation

Due to technological advancements, WESCO Chemicals, Inc. offers "real-time" remote access controllers for boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, and other applications.

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Customized Water Treatment Chemicals Programs

WESCO water treatment programs include control of chemical residuals for the following:

  • Cooling Tower Chemicals for Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals for Steam Boilers
  • Treatment Chemicals for Hot Water Closed Systems
  • Chill Water Closed System Treatments
  • Air Compressor Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Non-Hazardous De-scale products from removal of Scale Inhibitors

Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals Experts

There are no hidden costs and consultation is never extra.
We are on call 24 hours for client / customer questions, when needed.


Let our WESCO representatives design a "program prescription" for your specialized water ailment with water treatment chemicals or a water treatment filtration and purification process that fits your budget and your needs.

  • Chill/Hot Water Treatment
  • Closed Loop Inhibitors and Analysis
  • Cooling Towers/Water Analysis
  • Cooling Tower Treatment
  • Boilers/Water Analysis/Treatment/Services
  • Chemical Transfers and Delivery
  • Advantage Controls representative

We are a vendor on Buyboard for Water Treatment Chemicals and Pipe Bursting Equipment 606-20

Closed Loop

Package Includes

  • Chemical Bypass Feeder (w/legs)
  • Filtration Package for Bypass Feeder
  • WES26C15 (closed loop scale & corrosion inhibitor)

Cooling Tower

Package Includes

  • Chemical Pump - P151392S1 (2 each)
  • Chemical Controller w/Aux. Equipment - Megatron SS
  • Chemical Containment - 30 gallon (2 each)
  • WES42015 (scale & corrosion inhibitor)
  • WES618015 (liquid non-oxidizing biocide)

Package Details - Greater than 100HP

Please select the link below and provide the information requested. one of our team members will design an equipment package for you based on your input.

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Package Details - Less than 100HP

Package Includes

  • Chemical Pump - P151392S1
  • Chemical Pump Interval Timer
  • Chemical Containment - 30 gallon
  • WES30015 (with Condensate Treatment)
  • WES30115 (w/o Condensate Treatment)

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Learn how our proprietary alert tool
can improve your efficiency.


  1. Proven formulations at competitive pricing.
  2. Reduce fuel and electrical consumption through improved heat transfer efficiency.
  3. Minimized repair and maintenance costs associated with replacement and cleaning.
  4. Professional, knowledgeable and involved sales/service personnel to ensure program success.
  5. Online reports for your system detailing levels and performance history.



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