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About WESCO Chemicals

WESCO Chemicals, Inc. is a professional water treatment company, founded over 30 years ago in Waxahachie, Texas serving communities ranging from rural Texas to the entire USA. With over 100 years of combined experience from our diverse personnel, from ozone to sacrificial anodes, we will strive to provide the specific applications for our clients’ specific issues. No “cookie cutter”, “off the shelf” designed program specifications here. A custom job for a customized operation.We offer a full spectrum of services for commercial and industrial water treatment systems such as Chemical feed systems, filtration systems and filters, chemical containment tanks, motorized blowdown valves, chemical metering pumps, water softeners, chemicals and more.

A family owned and operated business since 1987, our founding personnel began careers in water treatment with national water treatment firms, and learned the operations of the large conglomerate type techniques for sales and services. Our reaction was to design treatment programs, based upon the personal service and commitment of developing client history and not simply increased sales. We are committed to understanding the customers’ requirements and anticipating their future needs. This ability enables us to supply our clients with innovative products and services with unsurpassed integrity, honesty and commitment.

Here at WESCO Chemicals, Inc., our commitment is quite simple we believe in true customer support, by means of unsurpassed quality services. WESCO Chemicals, Inc. strives to meet industrial water treatment needs with what we call “Water Process Solutions.” Our programs are designed to reduce our customers’ maintenance costs through knowledgeable analysis and implementation of unlimited service capabilities. We custom diagnose each customer’s systems and requirements in order to provide solutions for their water process needs. Through educated analysis by trained service representatives, we are able to control chemical residuals for cooling towers, boilers, and closed loop systems. We offer a full line of proven proprietary chemical formulations, including scale and corrosion inhibitors, USDA approved products, EPA registered biocides, non-hazardous descale products, and specialty formulations.

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We have an extensive catalog of products for all of your industrial water treament and plant needs. We have all of the parts, chemicals and more conveniently listed for your water treatment needs. 

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Boiler & Cooling Tower | Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Programs: Boilers & Cooling Towers

WESCO Chemicals, Inc. can set up one of its many Water Treatment program variations for your company or facility, as deemed necessary by your needs and/or requirements.

Our building blocks are the foundation for effective, efficient, and simplified water treatment program design. Such treatment applications are only as effective as the people who perform testing and normal program monitoring. WESCO's representatives are some of the industries best. Our representatives believe that "Diagnostics and Service is the Key" to a good client based relationship.

Treatment Program Details

  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Treatment

Does Your Treatment Program Include?

  • Regular service visits, with complete analysis
  • Professional metallurgy and corrosion studies
  • Drum disposal and formula transfer to containments
  • On site training for your personnel
  • "Real-time" computer systems monitoring available
  • On site system demand evaluation
  • Inspections and reports
  • Attend insurance inspections
  • Annual program reviews

These are just a few of our specialized services. Let us design your program for a complete control and cost efficiency. Contact us for more information.

Following are some of the services that we provide:

  • Monthly Service by Local Representative
  • Monthly "Not to Exceed" Pricing
  • "Buy as You Need" Pricing
  • Daily Monitoring of Remote Access Equipment
  • Automatic Paging & Email on Alarm of Remote Access Equipment
  • Daily or Weekly Testing Performed by "In-House" Personnel
  • Online Data Logging System
  • Laboratory Analysis (Including Legionella Testing)
  • Spill Containment Tanks
  • Drum Removal (Where Applicable)
  • Troubleshooting Consultations
  • On-site Training on the Fundamentals of Water Treatment
  • On-site Existing Program Evaluation
  • Inspection Attendance
  • Annual Program Reviews
  • Custom Formulations
  • And Much More...

CenterPoint Automation

CenterPoint Water Treatment Equipment Specification

centerpoint logo without phone number webwith Remote Internet Communications

Complete water treatment equipment system shall consist of the following components:

  1. Controller:  Furnish a conductivity controller with four taggable feed timers, 5 control relays, flow switch assembly, two contacting head water meter inputs, detailed on-board history, and Internet-based remote communications.  Controller shall accept an input line voltage of 95-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) and produce an output relay voltage of 115 VAC (3-amp, individually-fused relays). Manual activation of relay outputs shall be accomplished through the use of H-O-A keys with user-defined timeouts.  Controller shall feature an on/off switch and come pre-wired with an 8’ male power cord and five 6” female output receptacles. Controller shall be programmable via a tactile-feedback ATM-style keypad and shall feature a 16-line full graphic LCD display. Controller shall be housed in a NEMA 4X type housing with a padlock able, gasket, clear viewing door.  Controller shall come stamped with an approved safety listing (UL, ETL, or CSA). Controller shall include a ¾” schedule 80 PVC bypass assembly containing a conductivity probe tee assembly, flow switch tee, and sample port with shut-off valve rated to 120 psi and 140°F.
    1. Conductivity control circuit:  Conductivity control circuit shall be capable of measuring from 0-10,000 μS in one micro Siemen increments.  Controller shall feature an adjustable set point, differential, high alarm, low alarm, and bleed limit timer.  Conductivity control circuit shall energize a 115VAC, 3-amp, individually-fused relay tied to a solenoid valve when the system conductivity exceeds the set point and shall remain energized until the system conductivity falls below the differential level.  All set points and alarm levels shall be adjustable over the full conductivity measurement range and the limit timer shall be adjustable from 0-1439 minutes.
    2. Taggable timers:  Controller shall feature four taggable feed timers which shall be selectable between five different activation modes (pulse, percentage, limit, post bleed, and 28-day clock).  Timers shall each activate a 115VAC, 3-amp, individually-fused relay tied to a chemical feed pump based on the user-defined feed method.
    3. Water meter inputs: Controller shall include two digital inputs for contacting head water meter inputs and provide hourly and daily water meter usage history and be able to calculate evaporation if one water meter input is supplied in the make-up and bleed-off line.
    4. Control relays:  Controller shall feature five 115VAC, 2.5-amp, individually-fused control relays which shall be activated or disabled by multiple user-defined alarms or events.
    5. Flow switch:  Controller shall include a flow switch to prevent activation of relays in the event of “no flow” through the flow assembly.
    6. Digital inputs: Controller shall have 5 additional digital alarm inputs.
    7. On-board history collection:  Controller shall automatically gather operating data such as conductivity, temperature, makeup water volume, bleed-off water volume, calculated evaporation volume and other specified digital and analog inputs at user-adjustable intervals.  Controller shall include a built-in “service report” tool for the manual entry of up to ten user-defined test parameters (i.e., alkalinity, hardness, etc.). Controller shall retain all history in its on-board memory for a period of no less than one calendar year.  Controller shall be able to present all data in both graphical and tabular format on the controller display without the need to export the data to another source.
    8. Remote communications:
      1. Network:  Controller shall include a Category-5 network cable and plug for interfacing with the facility’s computer network and external Internet connection.  Controller shall use DHCP network protocol for “plug-and-play” compatibility with modern computer networks (Static IP address can be configured also. Cellular Routers are optional).  Controller shall not rely on phone line-based dial-up connections. Controller shall be remotely accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or phone using any common web browser and shall not require that any proprietary software be installed on the remote computer(s).  Controller shall maintain a persistent Internet connection with its host server for continuous data collection, and all data shall be continually backed up on dual servers for historical archiving. Remote communications shall rely on 128-bit SSL encryption technology for the highest communications security level.  Communications network shall allow users to receive immediate notification of any user-specified alarm conditions via e-mail (or e-mail enabled cell phones or pagers).
      2. Interface:  Remote interface shall allow a user to view and change all of the controller’s operating parameters.  Remote interface shall allow viewing, graphing, and exporting all historical data including conductivity, temperature, water usage (makeup, bleed-off evaporation), and all user-defined service report fields. 
      3. BACnet: Controller shall also be capable of connecting to most building management systems (BMS) using BACnet protocol via Ethernet TCP/IP for one way data sharing from the controller to the BMS.  Desired data points can be mapped by the BMS operator using an object-oriented approach for information within the controller. Lonworks & MODBUS protocols are also availableWESCO Chemicals model number WES-XSCF4E-H21 (no approved equal).
  2. Chemical Metering Pumps:  Furnish four chemical metering pumps for automatic injection of water treatment chemicals.  Pumps shall be rated from 0-30 gpd at a maximum injection pressure of 110 psi. Pumps shall feature a built-in degassing valve to prevent loss of prime caused by trapped gases in the pump head.  Pumps materials of construction shall be suitable for the chemicals being used. Pumps shall include a foot valve, injection valve, and all required 3/8” tubing for the suction, discharge, and priming return lines.  Pumps shall be rated to accept a 115VAC input and feature a 3-amp, quick-blow fuse.  WESCO Chemicals model number WES-B130X1-KFCV.
  3. Water Meters:  Furnish a ¾” bronze-body multi-jet contacting-head water meter with totalizer for both the makeup water line and the bleed-off water line.  Water meters shall feature a 10-gpc electrical dry contact output for transmitting both makeup and bleed-off volume to the cooling tower controller.  WESCO Chemicals model number WES-AWM-075.
  4. Bleed-off Assembly:  Furnish a pre-assembled ¾” bleed-off assembly consisting of a brass shutoff valve, a clear plastic bowl strainer, and a zero-psi differential brass-body motor open, capacitor return ball valve.  Ball valve shall accept a 115VAC input.  WESCO Chemicals model number WES-ABS-3/4-J1.
  5. Corrosion Coupon Rack:  Furnish a four-station corrosion coupon rack constructed of ¾” schedule 80 PVC with clear PVC piping over the coupons.  Coupon rack shall be mounted on a rigid polyethylene panel and shall include inlet and outlet shutoff valves and flow indicator.  Coupon rack shall feature four O-ring sealed quick-disconnect coupon holders with nylon hardware for mounting each coupon specimen. WESCO Chemicals. model number WES-ACR-40-B-7.
  6. Pre-Fabrication:  Furnish a pre-fabricated panel with the controller, chemical metering pumps and sample stream assembly complete with quick release injection tees and isolation valves pre-mounted on a polyethylene panel to insure correct installation of water treatment equipment. WESCO Chemicals, model number WES-WM21-A6B4D4E6.
  7. Double Wall Chemical Containment:  Furnish double wall containment tanks for each chemical product constructed of polyethylene where a 58-gallon inner tank sits inside a 70-gallon outer tank and one removable lid goes over both for easy access and cleaning.  The lid shall provide a large poor-in hole and have an adjustable low-level alarm wand pre-mounted. WESCO Chemicals, part number WES-DCT-55-DS1W .


Please contact WESCO Chemicals, Inc. for customized solutions, for full plant operations.

  • 4-20 ma inputs (available in groups of 4, maximum of 8)
  • Audible and visual process alarms
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Process pressure monitoring
  • LED relay control lights
  • And assorted other sensor capabilities

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